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In Heaven Everything is Fine
Serial killer
Robert Christian Hansen
aka The Aviation Hunter

  • 15 February 1939 (+) is born in Estherville, United States.

  • 7 December 1960 (x) burns down a bus garage with three schoolbuses inside at the age of 21 in Pocahontas, United States.

  • 9 October 1961 (x) is sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for arson at the age of 22 in Anamosa, United States.

  • 27 October 1983 (x) is arrested at the age of 44 in Anchorage, United States.

  • 27 February 1984 (x) Start of the trial against Hansen at the age of 45 in Anchorage, United States.

  • 24 April 1984 (x) is taken on a flight to locate some of his victims’ bodies at the age of 45 in Anchorage, United States.

  • 25 May 1984 (-) abducted and killed Sue Luna in Anchorage, United States.

  • 3 January 1990 (x) his prison cell is searched and several aviation maps and escape routes are found at the age of 51 in Juneau, United States.

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